The Scott Resort & Spa

With summer months approaching and temperatures rising, I think we all can agree we need a summer getaway. If we aren't able to escape the heat, (especially in Arizona) the summer months give us a reason to lounge by a pool with a tasty cold drink (and LOTS of sun protection of course). If you're looking for a lush, desert oasis, Leo and I have just the place for you!

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I'm a Fool For You

Wow! This first year of marriage just flew by! From planning a wedding, new jobs, buying a house, intimacy, budgeting together, to hardships and losses, we definitely experienced A LOT of change and challenges together. We all know that marriage is WORK.

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Delight In The Desert
Thanksgiving Treats

Last minute, Leo and I decided to cook a Thanksgiving feast for the two of us. As some of you may already know, ever since I moved to Arizona, the holidays have been tough for me since I won’t get to partake in my family get-togethers and continue making memories with them.

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Delight In The DesertComment
Bell-Bottom Blues

"Hanging out, down the street.The same old thing, we did last week. Not a thing to do, but talk to you. Not a thing to do out in the street. Ooow! Yeah!"
Do ya'll remember That 70's show? Putting on a pair of bell-bottoms and a bell sleeve shirt with embroidery makes me feel like I'm straight out of that show.
Side note: it is also making me miss Wisconsin.

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