Bell-Bottom Blues


"Hanging out, down the street.The same old thing, we did last week. Not a thing to do, but talk to you. Not a thing to do out in the street. Ooow! Yeah!"
Do ya'll remember That 70's show? Putting on a pair of bell-bottoms and a bell sleeve shirt with embroidery makes me feel like I'm straight out of that show.
Side note: it is also making me miss Wisconsin.

I've had my eye on some bell-bottoms and finally found a pair that fit at Buffalo Exchange a few months ago. I realized I haven't put on a pair of flared jeans since I was in high school (over 10 years ago). For years, I was always so obsessed with skinny jeans but it feels nice to change my look up.

I love that bell-bottoms have come back in style. Not only are bell-bottoms back but the eclectic patterned and colorful bell-sleeved tops, velvet items, and platform shoes are hitting most clothing stores.  In the 70's, several styles simutaniously emerged, such as bohemian chic, hippy and punk. It was a time where people would mix and match different styles with each other. You were able to express your individuality and have endless creativity with your outfits. I think this is why I am so attracted to this era! It was so full of life, diversity and vibrant colors! It was a time to break rules with fashion and really stand out as an individual. Fashion designers are constantly revisiting the decade that was known for it's "bad taste" and "anti-fashion" (which I would have to disagree) and bringing a modern twist to it. What are some of your current faves? 


Check out my favorite 70's inspired items!

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 3.37.33 PM.png

Below are links to my 70's inspired look!

Bell-sleeve top  |  Bell-bottom jeans (similar)  |  Fedora hat