The Pink Dollhouse


Wow! This year has been wild. I had two major design projects (events) this year with Alfa Romeo, Leo started a new job, and on top of that, we were planning our wedding and tied the knot on April 1, 2017. We had no idea we would discover our dream home months later!

Rewind to a year ago when Leo and I first began our house hunt. We were recently engaged looking for our future home together. We found many houses that we truly liked but nothing seemed to be working out in our favor. At least that was how we were feeling at the time. Did you notice that I didn't say, love? I look back at last year and I am so thankful we did not get any of those homes. God had something greater in store. We had put offers on a few homes and we got NONE of them. It was such a heartbreaking and stressful time. We felt God was telling us to wait. Plus, we were trying to pay for our wedding at that time, so we came to the conclusion to wait on buying a home. This gave us more time to focus on our wedding day without the added stress of owning a home. We knew our time would come...

Fast forward to October of this year. This was when we first found out that this adorable pink house was going on the market. I had been following Sarah Rhodes of PARO HOME on Instagram and saw that she would be listing this home soon. For those of you that don't already know, PARO HOME flips homes that need some lovin' and makes them beautiful (you can find her Instagram here). We love her work and I had actually hoped to buy one of her homes some day. 

There was something about this home that stood out to us. I literally felt like I was stalking her Instagram, waiting for the listing to go live. We didn't want to miss out on this one, but we were also trying not to get too attached because of all the losses we had last year. This home did feel like THE one, but we wanted to be sure this was the home God had for us. It was so clear that the homes we put offers on last year were NOT our homes.

November hit, and it finally went on the market! Not only was the home STINKING adorable but it checked so many things on our home list. This was in the historic district we dreamed of living in, it was a historic home with beautiful original features (she's almost 90 years old!), lots of natural light, we would be able to stay in central Phoenix, we would be close to some of our favorite coffee shops and restaurants, we'd be able to bike around and be apart of a quirky neighborhood, and lastly, we'd get to stay close to our friends, work, and church.

We received our keys on December 15th and are slowly getting settledWe can't wait to share more with you on the interior design, renovations, and additions we might do. Right now, we have so many ideas...which is definitely exciting but also overwhelming! We also don't want to lose a lot of the historic charm! First on the list, is landscaping for our front yard to get the dreamy curb appeal that will compliment our cute pink house. For those of you wondering, YES, we are keeping it pink :)

We want to give a shout out to our amazing real estate agent Sherry Rampy (she was referred to us by a few of our friends who also own historic homes). From the moment we hired her to be our agent, we felt informed and confident about putting an offer on this home. We would recommend anyone looking for a historic home in Phoenix to hire Sherry! She is super knowledgeable about historic neighborhoods, she is on the board of the historic preservation, and she LOVES historic homes (she's lived in 4 historic districts). We felt really comfortable with her as she guided us through the biggest purchase we have made so far in our lives and I'd have to say, overall, everything went SO smoothly with this process. Give her a call if you're in the market! 

Lastly, we highly recommend that you also submit a cover letter with your offer. It makes the transaction more personal and lets the seller know who you are. We wanted to share with you what we did for our cover letter. We had some fun with it, so if you're in need of a cover letter, but not a graphic designer, please contact me! I can get a nice design for you at a reasonable price!


I know many of you have been itching to see more pictures of our home! We thought we would share with you the images from the listing.

Images and staging by PARO HOME.

Go follow her work to stay in the loop of future homes she is working on!