Let's Mistletoe


Leo and I have been in our home for one week now. We knew moving wasn’t ideal around the holidays, but when you find your dream home, we just couldn’t say no. Speaking of our adorable pink house, we are sharing our home story on the blog soon! It was really important to me to get the Christmas decorations set up in our new home. Being away from family around Christmas is very hard for me and decorating for Christmas was something my mom always did! I grew up having a white, snowy Christmas ALMOST every year, so being in Arizona I knew it was a must to decorate. Some how we managed to complete that task and we were super pleased with the results. I wen’t with a white, gold, silver and black color scheme and purchased all of our Christmas items from Target. It seemed to flow very well with our current decor. Everything is probably on clearance now, so go grab these goodies for next years Christmas!


Leo and I are working on some Christmas tunes and hope to share with you soon. Leo and I are both pretty musical so I want to make it a tradition to sing and play Christmas songs. I hope we can add a piano to our home soon.


Is it okay if I am a little extra with this rose faux fur? I am obsessed and couldn't take it off yesterday. Also, slippers have been a must this winter. Our home is filled with hardwood floors and is pretty cold to the touch with bare feet.


We still were struggling to get a family photo with Simba. We know he is still adjusting to the new space which is resulting in him acting like grumpy cat, but we still love and adore him!! 


Making memories and traditions is important to us, especially when we begin to raise mini versions of ourselves in this world and in our home. I know you've heard this from me before, but I cannot stress it enough. One of our favorite traditions the past 3 years is watching Star Wars during Christmas. Give me all the popcorn and Icee's please!  

Another tradition is attending our Christmas Eve service at New City Church.

A third tradition is looking at Christmas lights around the valley. Hopefully next year we can set up our own outdoor lights. I'm replaying scenes of Christmas Vacation right now because Leo jokes about going a little coocoo with the lights but then having music interact with them.

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to start a tradition in our own family of reading the story of Jesus being born. My grandpa and my parents read this to us every year before opening gifts. It is truly special to us and I want our kids to be exposed to the true meaning of Christmas. I also want it to be about family and making memories and traditions. All the singing, decorating, shopping, gift giving and gift opening are all fun things that I 100% approve, but today I am reminded of a beautiful baby boy born in filthy barn.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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