Delight In The Desert


Welcome to our first blog post, actually, it’s not really a blog post but simply an introduction to who we are. Our names are Leo and Brittany. Leo is a business consultant/audio engineer and I am a graphic designer. In our free time, we enjoy traveling and exploring our beautiful state of Arizona. Leo was born in California but quickly moved to Arizona, where I was born in Wisconsin (Go Pack Go) and moved here four years ago with my cat Simba. In a quick sentence or two (more on this later), here is how Leo and I met… we were introduced to each other January 2015 through mutual friends, started dating September 2015, got engaged in Central Park September 2016 and we just tied the knot this past April 1st. We are currently in our honeymoon phase, which we intend to maintain for years and years to come. 

Why a blog? We don’t like to view this as a blog but instead a collection of our adventures. We enjoy sharing and want to take you on this imperfect journey of ours. 

Why Delight in the Desert? Four years ago, I was having a conversation with my sister and her husband on my thoughts about moving to Arizona. I had been thinking about this move for years leading up to that conversation but never committed myself to moving. During our conversation, my sisters' husband said something that caused an immediate decision for me. He said, "Just go...what's stopping you?". That night, I spoke with my aunt in Arizona, started my job hunt, and made a decision that within weeks, Arizona would be my home. My decision was not just simply my doing but a deep longing, almost like I was being called to Arizona and I felt the conversation with my sister and her husband was a confirmation of what I needed to do. Without faith and trusting the Lord, I wouldn't have stepped out of my comfort zone and left everything behind (including my family and friends). Since moving to Arizona, I clearly see that I was called to this beautiful state. I needed a restart and honestly, I needed to mature personally and spiritually. Arizona has brought great delight to my life by providing a great community of friends and I met my husband here. I have also grown immensely as a person. When I started to think of a name, I decided on the name delight in the desert not only because it had a nice ring to it but because I truly shine here in the desert with Leo and our cat son, Simba.

What should you expect? We honestly don't know. We love and enjoy so many things that it would be difficult to focus on a few subjects. We are going to take it one post at a time and see where it goes. We will tell you that we love traveling, fashion, great food, great coffee, music (I sing and Leo plays the guitar) and taking lots and lots of pictures so you may get a mixture. Here's to more adventures and to building an online community with you! 

- Brittany and Leo

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he
will give you the desires of your heart
— PSALM 37:4