All The Floral



It can be such a bummer when you find an adorable outfit while scrolling through your Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook feed but then realize it is way out of your budget. I have those days (actually almost every day) where I just want to go out and buy an entirely new outfit but instead of resorting to that, I try to grab older items out of the archive, purchase one or two new items and then pair the old with the new.
This prevents me from spending a fortune anytime my wardrobe is feeling sad and stale because old items sometimes just need to be shown in new light. ;)

Lately, I've been obsessed with floral for the summer. I've been searching for items that are flowy to help me survive these hot Arizona days. I then pair these dresses with a lace bralette (this will help eliminate that underboob sweat if you know what I mean ladies). To complete the look, I go with tie up sandals, some accessorizing and a hat (the hat gives the outfit a little spice). 



Light-weight flowy floral dresses are a must for me this summer. They are also fun to dance in :)

These Round reflective glasses have been my everyday go-to's.

Some of my items were purchased awhile ago but below I've added links to some of the exact items or similar items!
 floral dress   bralette   necklace   lace-up sandals   wide-rim fedora   round sunglasses