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Hello, Lovelies!

It has been a busy season for both Leo and I, and we are trying not to get discouraged that we can't work on the blog more consistently. We've come to terms that it is OK that we aren't posting every week (or as you can see, our last post was over a month ago). 

You might be noticing a trend with my wardrobe lately...florals and lots of hats. I'm also really digging jewelry with tassels and accessories with pom poms. I finally purchased a few sets of tassel earrings that I am super excited about! What has been your jam lately for summer outfits? Another one of my favorite items are kimonos. Although it get's over 100 here in the summer in Phoenix, I've still been able to get away with layering.This kimono is super light weight and is a nice layering piece with your outfit (or it could be used as a swim suit cover up). I love the light pastel colors mixed with the blues. These Tom's wedges are perfect for summer because you can add some height but be comfortable all day!

I love how fashion trends evolve and continue to recycle previous styles but somewhat mash them together. We have lots of floral prints, jumpsuits, bell bottoms, trousers, bohemian patterns, bell-sleeved blouses, folksy vests, and kimonos. I couldn't even tell you what my style is because I love a mixture of so many things. Also, I don't want to be tied down to one specific look ;)

Please comment below what are some of your favorite styles! Are you into the throwback trends? Also, where are some of your favorite places to shop? I am currently on a tight budget, so most of my items are from forever 21 and Lulu's. Check out the links below for this look!

Thank you so much for reading!

Pom Pom Panama Hat   Necklace   Trousers   Floral Kimono   Crop Top   Lace Strappy Wedges   Sunglasses