Leo + Brittany Pt. 2

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A while back we posted part 1 of our wedding. We mostly shared our wedding colors, bridal party attire, getting ready and our first look. If you missed that post, check it out here! For the rest of you… we apologize for how long it’s taken us to get part II on the blog.

Today, we’d like to share with you some beautiful photos from our ceremony, reception and dance party. For those of you who are recently engaged and are looking for wedding inspiration, below you will discover tips on how you can save money buying in bulk or searching on OfferUp/Craigslist for items. If you are in the local Phoenix area, check out the local vendors we used for our wedding! At the end of this post, you will see links to all of these vendors! Enjoy!

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I have a love for typography, chalkboards, and design. I was able to design and create all of our chalkboards for our special day. If you are interested in creating your own chalkboards for your wedding or home, I have a life hack for you! I used Adobe Illustrator but you can also use Microsoft Word. First, find a free font online or on Pinterest that you would like to see on your chalkboard (make sure people can read it from far away). Next, type up your message using that font and create an image that can be projected. Lastly, find a projector and project that image onto your chalkboard and trace your design with a chalk marker. This "hack" helped me save a lot of time preparing for our wedding... because let's be real... ain't nobody got time for that.

When Leo and I began planning our wedding, we decided to go with a back yard feel, but still keep it elegant. We rented most of our table/chairs from Top Notch Rentals to get the look we wanted to achieve. The table floral arrangements were created by an amazing local floral designer, Array Design. We had both our ceremony and reception at a beautiful outdoor venue called because event space.

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We were on the hunt for a set of beautiful Peacock chairs for several months leading up to the wedding that would be used for our sweetheart table (rented from Top Notch Rentals AZ). We searched high and low at thrift stores, Craigslist, Etsy, and OfferUp. Most of our finds were single chairs or chairs that were just for decorative purposes. Also, most were $250-$300 a pop! I even tried looking at furniture rental companies but most were severely overpriced. A simple Google search lead us to Arhaus, where we ended up finding two Brand Spanking new Peacock chairs (Merak chair) for $70 each! What an amazing find! Right now, they have been tucked away in storage (we are not planning on selling them... at least for now). I hope we can find a beautiful spot for them once we purchase a house. 

I really had a dream to have an adorable lounge area at our reception. Some of the items here are items we actually have in our home now. We found the rug and end tables on OfferUp, the coffee table was from Living Spaces and we rented the vintage sofa and loveseat. I was going for a very eclectic style with our lounge. The large Gold M was very special to us. I don't want to give it away yet, but be on the lookout for an upcoming blog post on our DIY Gold M (for Morales). 

We used Amazon Prime for most of our table top items. This included the white plastic plates, blush napkins, gold plastic cutlery, and the ivory table clothes on our round tables. We found it to be more affordable to buy these things in bulk rather than renting. The gold chargers were rented from The Confetti Studio.

The outdoor space we used for our wedding held both our ceremony and reception. We broke the space in half, one side dedicated to the ceremony, the other side was set up for reception. In order to make sure everything would fit, I designed a top down (to scale) of our desired space (pictures below). This was extremely fun for me to plan! After the ceremony ended, our guests were brought inside for cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres. We had a crew that then broke down the ceremony into our reception, area for games, and photobooth setup. We were able to repurpose chairs and benches for the reception area (another life hack).

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When you decide to have your wedding on April Fools and your pastor and groomsmen pretend they lose your wedding rings ;)

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During our ceremony, we had a live band full of our talented friend's and family! They played and sang a few songs that were special to Leo and I. We even had a few worship songs. Leo and I were able to take communion and worship together. This was one of the most special and intimate moments with our friend's and family on this day!

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Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!

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I have a major crush on vintage VW buses and I am a sucker for photobooths at weddings. When we discovered Cruisin Photo Bus we had to splurge on this VW bus that is also a photobooth (man people are creative)! The owners were so sweet and let Leo and I snap a few photos with the bus ;)

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frans Silly.jpg
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If you know us personally, you know we love our local restaurants and good food. Figuring out the food was probably one of Leo’s favorite part of the wedding planning. We knew that we wanted BBQ so when we discovered Persepshen, a local foodie connoisseur, we were super excited. They really focused on sustainable, local and organic scratch made food. They were very knowledgeable and helpful and gave us many yummy food options to choose from. With the help of Raise the Bartender, a serving and bartending service, the food was on our guest's plates in a matter of minutes (no long buffet lines or waiting for your designated song). We went with family style and I’d have to say that worked out very well! 

Vegan donuts from  Lux Central

Vegan donuts from Lux Central

Dinner time!

Dinner time!

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Leo+Britt Wedding Final-681_sm.jpg

Lastly, we had to share some sappy moments from the first dances but also our crazy dance party that went down.
Special thanks to Paramount DJ Services for keeping the party going and for being a stellar MC.

Also a round of applause to Carlie Gonzales, our amazing Wedding Coordinator. This day would not have gone smooth and efficient without the help of you and your team! 

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When Don't Stop Believin' comes on and everyone is singing at the top of their lungs "...searching in the NIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHT".
These candid shots were some of our favorites. Sorry friends for posting all the embarrassing photos... but not really sorry.

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Thank you for following along! As promised, the links to all the wedding things :)

|  Venue:   because Event Space  |  Wedding Coordinator: Carlie Gonzales  |  Photographer: Daniel Kim Photo  |

|  Rental items from Top Notch Rentals AZ:  |   Chairs  |  Wood Tables  |  Benches  |  Arch  |  Dance Floor  |  Bar  |  Sweetheart Table |

|  Photobooth:  Cruisin' Photo Bus  |  Floral Design:  Array Design  |  Sofa rental: AZ Retro Rentals  |  

|  Catering: Persepshen  |  Bartender/Servers: Raise The Bartending  |  Chargers: The Confetti Studio  |

|  Amazon Items: Gold Cutlery  |  Ivory Round Tablecloths   |  12oz Cups for Beer/Drinks  |  9oz Cocktail Cups 

|  Cocktail Straws  |  Cocktail Napkins  |  White Plastic Plates  |  Blush Napkins  |  Glow Stick Bracelets  |  Patio Lights  |

|  Sparklers: 36" Sparklers  |  Alcohol: Costco (great return policy for unopened alcohol) and Total Wine  |  Ice: McDonalds  |