Embrace Embroidery


If you haven't noticed already, embroidery has made a huge comeback this 2017. More and more brands have been carrying massive amounts of these detailed embellishments to their items. From embroidered shirts, dresses, bags, jackets, skirts and EVEN shoes, It's become a huge craze and I am totally on board and obsessed. I recently picked up this purse from Express and love combining in with basic outfits as my "statement" piece. Normally I go with a chunky necklace, hat or snazzy top, but lately, it has been this adorable floral embroidered purse. I love the studs, color pop and gold details giving it a mix of vintage, classy and edgy. With new technology, the last couple of years, machine embroidery has been further developed and it seems the possibilities are endless! Anyone else own any really unique (new or old) embroidered item(s)? Please share your recent (or vintage) finds! <3

shirt 1.jpeg

Some of my items were purchased awhile ago but below I've added links to some of the exact items or similar items!
Purse  |  Earrings  |  Jeans  |  Shoes  |  Sunglasses

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