Flamingo Fun at Hotel Valley Ho


I think it is safe to say Leo and I are now huge fans of doing staycations. When we returned from Wisconsin and New York, we decided to "take a vacation from our vacation". We always joke about this but it is needed. There have been so many instances where we return from a trip LATE Sunday evening and have to go back to work the following morning. You have no time to take a breather, unpack and do laundry. You go back to work feeling exhausted and sometimes even more burnt out than you did before that vacation. 

A few weeks ago, Leo and I went to the Hotel Valley Ho for the first time with a few friends. We had dinner at Zuzu's and listened to Fosterson (our friend’s band). This was our first time there and we fell in love. We are both super into Mid-Century Modern architecture (which is why we LOVE Palm Springs so much) so I knew we had to stay at the Hotel Valley Ho. Instead of making the trek out to Palm Springs for our fix, I found a great bed and breakfast deal at the Valley Ho. We had a nice relaxing stay-cation listening to live music, having breakfast on our hotel patio early morning, and busting out Floyd (my giant pink flamingo floaty that travels with us) by the pool. It was a great end to our vacation! 

If you're looking to do a relaxing stay-cation (or traveling to Arizona), I would definitely recommend the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. You can look on Groupon and the Hotel Valley Ho's website for discounts! They have all sorts of package deals all the time! We felt this hotel was a bit more peaceful than other Scottsdale hotels. On the weekends, they only allow hotel guests access to the pool, which helped eliminate the noise and the Scottsdale pool partiers. You will be able to enjoy the pool without the congestion and you also have two pools to choose from.  


Hotel Valley Ho is full of rich History! It first opened its doors in 1956. It was known for its cool, minimalist style, designed by Edward Varney. One interesting fact was that it was a Hollywood hideaway for celebrities because the paparazzi never followed them to Scottsdale. Over the years, changes were made and the mid-century flair was altered. This made the Hotel Valley Ho not only lose their name but also its brilliance. Thankfully in the early 2000's, it was restored back to its mid-century modern vibes by a local company, Westroc Hospitality. It is now named by author and architect Alan Hess, as "one of the best-preserved mid-century hotels in the country!”.