DIY Copper Full Length Mirror


For our new place, we were wanting a full-length mirror for our bedroom but didn’t want to pay over $500+ for the giant mirrors we were finding online. I'm all about finding the best deals on things, even if that means getting my creative juices flowing. We brainstormed a few DIY options and decided to search on OfferUp for “Mirror Closet Doors” and found a seller who had two full-length (4ft x 6.5ft) mirrored doors for $90 (one for our bedroom and one for our living room). We decided to leave our living room mirror white but wanted our bedroom mirror to pop, so we decided to grab a couple of cans of copper spray paint, a tarp and cleared our afternoon to give this closet door a personalized touch. We used newspaper and painters tape to protect the mirror and then applied an initial coat with copper spray paint. Since the borders were white, we decided against using a primer since our test spray adhered really well. TADA! A new and improved extra large copper mirror without the extra large price tag! Total cost for this project was $113.33! Definitely not a sponsorship but we highly recommend using OfferUp for your home goods. So many of our items found in our home, we found on OfferUp at a great price!  


Materials needed: closet mirror doors, painters tape, copper spray paint and newspaper or plastic to protect mirror.