The Proposal


A year ago Leo and I sat in one of these boats rowing through Central Park. It was my first time to New York and being there made me feel like I was in a movie. In fact, that entire day (September 3, 2016) was super special.

We started our day with friends at our now favorite SOHO brunch spot, Jacks Wife Freda. After brunch, we parted ways with our friends and stopped at the Adidas store nearby. Leo surprised me and bought me a new pair of kicks as an anniversary gift (we happened to be celebrating our dating anniversary). As we were walking back to the subway, we spotted a local artist/street vendor selling screen prints of the NYC skyline that we both loved. We purchased two prints and they are now hanging in our hallway of our home. Before heading to our final destination, we dropped off our new purchases and made our way to Central Park.

We had planned to go to the boathouse and get on a rowboat around sunset. As we inched closer to the front of the line, we saw a sign that read “Cash only”. Leo really wanted this rowboat thing to happen, so he insisted on making a mad dash to an ATM just outside of Central Park. He got back just as I got to the front of the line. Leo was super winded and flustered from that whole situation but we made it on a rowboat! I was doing my usual thing, trying to take all the selfies with Leo but noticed he was acting strange. He was now flustered trying to maneuver the rowboat (this was his first time) especially with all the other rowboats out on the water. After finally getting the hang of the boat, I found myself being taken to a secluded part of the lake with the perfect view of the Manhattan skyline on the water. As he paddled under the tree branches that were overhanging the water, I had a feeling of what was about to happen. He shared his love for me and then told me he had one more surprise. He asked me to close my eyes as he got on one knee and then told me I could open my eyes. I couldn’t believe this was my BIG moment that I had dreamed and prayed about for years! The man that I love and adore and knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with just asked ME to marry him. We ended the evening eating sushi and calling our families to let them know the big news! 

A few weeks ago we made our way back to NYC as a married couple and we were able to relive that day! Since not many photos were taken the last trip, we decided to hire a photographer to take our photos in Central Park so that we can cherish the memory of Leo’s proposal forever!


Shout out to Darien Maginn in helping us capture this beautiful moment! Do us a favor and go follow her work!
Thanks for reliving our magical day with us!