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Today, Leo and I wanted to share with you our absolute favorite haircare product line! Because let’s be real, ya’ll know we both love our hair to look, smell, and feel nice. We both started using Kevin Murphy products over a year ago and do not regret it for a second! The reason we say #noregrets to Kevin.Murphy is because it is pricier than the average drugstore bottle of shampoo and conditioner and we feel it is well worth the investment! 

Almost 2 years ago I was introduced to Kevin.Murphy products from my hair stylist. I’ve always preferred being blonde, but it can be very damaging to your hair. This is why it was important that my stylist used quality products to keep my hair healthy. Every time I got my hair colored or styled, my stylist would use Kevin.Murphy. The first thing that attracted me to their products was the smell! Also, I could not believe how healthy and thick my ends felt after she used KM products. I also have finer hair and was able to find products, such as Kevin.Murphy's Plumping Wash & Rinse and the Anti-Gravity to give me the boost of volume my hair needed! These were just a few of the many Kevin.Murphy products my stylist recommended. 

I have come to realization that I'd rather spend more money to get quality products that are best for my body than less-expensive products that just won't cut it in the long run. When I first went to purchase the Kevin.Murphy Plumping line, I wasn't sure I was ready to drop money on it. I got both the 1 Liter Plumping Wash and the 1 Liter Plumping Rinse for about $150 total. I know this sounds SUPER expensive, but it will last you over a year if you are the only person using it. It only takes a dime size drop and plenty of water per wash. 

Many of you may not know this, but most drugstore shampoos contain really harmful surfactants or cleaners that strip your hair of dirt and oil. I remember always thinking this was a positive thing (since it was removing the dirt and oil), but what it was doing was leaving my hair stripped and thin and my hair would just reproduce oil faster! I would have to wash my hair almost every day!  I can now go 3 or 4 days without having to wash my hair. I wait as long as I can to wash my hair since it is colored and I use heat on it and style it daily. Another thing added to most drug-store shampoos are foamers and surfactants that create that "soapy lather". These literally do nothing for the actual care of your skin. It was a filler added years ago because it sold better.

After doing research, the Plumping line is sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free. Like I said earlier, the Plumping wash is a thickening shampoo. It is full of ginger root and Nettle extracts to strengthen and densify fine hair. It has so many amazing benefits that you can read all about on their site. My other favorite wash and rinse is the Angel wash. This is great for fine, fragile or broken hair that is colored or damaged. I have made it easy for you by creating links to our favorite Wash & Rinses. If you want to check out their entire collection, click HERE.


And now onto the fun part, styling your hair. Below are just a few of our favorite styling products. 

For Her:

The main products I use are the Anti-Gravity or the Body Builder. Like I said earlier, my hair needs that boost of volume. The anti gravity also helps keeps curls in my hair without weighing it down. There are so many other amazing styling products that are next on my list. You can check out the entire list HERE.


For Him:

Leo uses the Super Goo to get that nice poof in the front without his hair looking greasy. This is the best hair product he has found to style his hair. He then finishes it off with the Session Spray hairspray.



I hope we were able to give you some good insight on our favorite Kevin.Muphy products. We are not pros or hairstyles or trying to sell you hair products, we just wanted to share an honest review on how Kevin.Murphy has changed our perception on what we put in our hair! If you are local here in Phoenix, I have two amazing stylists that sell Kevin.Murphy at their salon.

Devina's Hair Boutique (Scottsdale) & Forge Studio (Tempe).

Please comment below or leave us a message if you have any questions!

Thanks friends!