Our Dining Room Inspiration

room inspo pic.jpg

Leo and I have been brainstorming ideas for our home remodels. Let me tell you, it has been very overwhelming. Where do we start? Do we make any large furniture or decor purchases now or do we wait until the remodels are done? What can we do to our home without destroying too much of its 1928 charm? What room do we start with? Do we do it all at once? What about the landscaping? We have so many ideas, but lacking in the money department because we want to save and pay in cash. Since we aren’t planning to do any remodels quite yet, we are trying to furnish what we can and make due with the space we have. Now when I say this, I don’t mean we are miserable and hate our tiny Tudor home, we are just adjusting to smaller spaces (smaller rooms, bathroom, kitchen, and lack of storage). With that said, we are trying to live more minimal and find creative ways to organize and make our space feel larger.

So... our dining room is a little chaotic right now. We still have several items in boxes that we are trying to organize, find a home for, or get rid of it. Our garage has been piling up with items we want to donate/sell. Rummage sale soon? Possibly! Below is our adorable dining room with gorgeous natural light, french doors, and a copper pendant light.

Onto the fun part! picking out pieces for our new dining room. Leo and I both need to visualize our space, so I created a mood board and found some dining room inspirations on Pinterest.  We love this modern/eclectic look. It has some Scandinavian feels, mid-century vibes, with a splash of bohemian. We decided to go with a smaller marble tulip table, 4 leather chairs, some layered rugs, a sideboard for more storage, lots of plant-life (duh), possibly a chandelier, and some desert prints.

Dining room Inspiration-01.png
room ida.jpg
room idea 2.jpg
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Day by day, I have been finding all our desired pieces. We also were able to sell all of our previous dining room items which has given us some extra mula to purchase the new ones! We can't wait to share with you the final results!

Delight In The Desert