DIY Dreamy Canopy Tent


Anyone else grow up making blanket forts? My siblings and I would go upstairs to the closet grabbing every blanket, sheet, and sleeping bag we could find. Each creation would be more unique than the previous one. We’d come up with different rooms and secret tunnels. I can say hands down this was one of my favorite things to do in the house, however it does compete with Mario on N64 and hide and go seek in the dark.


Well, It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blanket fort and I’ve been telling Leo for quite some time that I’ve been wanting to do this with him! I was dreaming up an enchanting canopy tent with twinkle lights, hot coca, popcorn with m&m’s and a I’ll Be Home For Christmas with JTT. There is something about the holiday’s that bring up so much nostalgia for me. I was so pleased with how our tent turned out I thought I’d share with you how I created it!



14” Embroidery Hoop
White IKEA curtains (two panels)
Sheer patterned Curtains (optional)
Command Strip or ceiling hook
Fishing wire or jute cord
Target White String Lights (6 sets of 100 ct)
Clothes Pins

I started out by attaching my two curtain panels to my embroidery hoop. If you have never used an embroidery hoop, follow this tutorial by All Crafty Things on how to add your curtains to the hoop and also on how to loop knot your cord to the hoop. Next, put your ceiling hook where you want to hang your canopy.

Once I hung up my canopy I decided to add my lights. I recommend starting from the bottom of the tent (so that you can easily access an outlet) and bring the end of light set to the top. All I did was loop the end through one of the curtain straps (see below). I liked using the 100 ct mini light strands from Target (super affordable) so that I could have 6 strands going down my canopy (3 per curtain panel)! Once I brought each strand to the top I had some extra that I wrapped around the embroidery hoop to give extra lights at the top.

I realized that the two panels didn’t give as much coverage as I wanted. So I decided to add two more curtain strands near one of the openings. I used these adorable sheer patterned curtains (two panels). I put string through the opening (where a curtain rod would go) of the curtains and scrunched them up. I then tied the curtains on the inside of my tent and attached them to the two loops by one of the openings of the tent. I only did this to one side because I wanted us to be able to see the TV on the other side.


. I used clothes pins to pin the top part of the outer curtains together (from the inside of the tent). You can either clothes pin the other set of curtains or keep them open. I kept mine open for the sake of taking photos. ;)


I then took all my blankets and pillows I owned and propped my pillows up against our couches to hold the curtains back to open up the tent. We luckily had our living room arranged perfectly for our tent! I also tucked the light strands behind the pillows to hold them back and then draped the extra lights on the pillows. Use clothes pins as needed. Then I added all our blankets to make a cozy bed. Next time I think I want to add a mattress topper for extra comfort.


Now crab your hot cocoa, lots of marshmallows, some popcorn, and a good cheesy flick and ENJOY! I’m obsessed with Target’s Wondershop collection for all of our goodies. Cheers!