I'm a Fool For You



Oh I can see / The future you and me we last forever
In the rising tide / No fear or fight / That we can’t face together
Darling You and Me / We can take the world

Many of you know that Leo and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Easter (April 1, 2018). We had the opportunity to serve at our church for Resurrection Sunday (I sang and he ran sound) and be with our church family. After church, Leo and I went to lunch at Pomo, took a nap (lol we are lame), then rode bikes at sunset, got ice cream, and ended the night by making popcorn and watching a movie and a few episodes of The Office. I wouldn't have done it any other way! With that being said, I'd love to share with you a recap on our first year.


Wow! This first year of marriage just flew by! From planning a wedding, new jobs, buying a house, making time for intimacy, budgeting together, to hardships and losses, we definitely experienced A LOT of change and challenges together. We all know that marriage is WORK. I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are for all the love, support, and prayers from our friends, family and community. Honestly, without the help and grace of God and our amazing supportive peeps, we would not be able to make this marriage thing work. 


I love being married to my best friend but we definitely had a very hard first year of learning to be spouses to one another. I know these pictures may tell you a different story, but we are just like every human! We fight, bicker, loose our cool, etc. I would LOVE to tell you that our first year as husband and wife was smooth sailing. I also wish I could tell you that I was the BEST wife ever 100% of the time. We knew going into this that love is a battlefield! I bet y'all have that Pat Benatar song stuck in your head now (you're welcome). I'm here to tell you it is totally worth the fight! Marriage will be a battle every single day. You will battle with patience, not being quick to anger, forgiveness, being kind, putting your spouse first, having trust, and SOOOO much more! You have to have a mindset that he/she is worth that DAILY battle. And there will be days where you feel defeated. Despite all the hardships and challenges in our marriage, I feel so much closer to Leo in so many ways because of our experiences. We've shed lots of tears but we've also shared so much laughter! We've been able to make lots of fun memories. From inside jokes, travel, serving together, eating out (more than we'd like to admit), Netflix binging, blogging together, lots of date nights, and chilling with our amazing friends and community. Cheers to many more years of this battle with you babe! I'm reminded to let go and hold close the simple, fun moments with Leo.


We are no LOVE or marriage experts, but here are 5 things Leo and I want to work better on this new year in our marriage.

Keep God at the center of our marriage
Pray for each other OFTEN
Communication (when we do this we are happier humans)
Do not go to bed angry (forgiveness is key)






I am excited to share the rest of these desert photos by Erin Blackwood Photography




'Cause they can write stories / And they can sing songs
But they don’t make fairy tales / Sweeter than ours
And they can climb mountains / High into the sky
But they can’t take the world

Delight In The Desert