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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram feeling not enough or inadequate? I know I have. 

It is so easy to put all this pressure on yourself when you compare your real life with the highlight reels of others. Once I stopped putting so much pressure on myself, it made being a content creator much more relaxing and fun! Sometimes, I have to take a step back and remind myself why I started Delight in the Desert.


Delight in the Desert started as a place to express my passions. It is a creative outlet for our photography, travel, fashion, and much more! I wanted to share with you things that I find delight in so that other people can experience these things for themselves. I honestly had no idea what this blog would turn into but I just kept trusting in God with it. I have never wanted or desired for this blog to be a place where people felt inadequate, that I am being a show off, or self-centered.

As fun as this adventure has been, it has also brought many challenges. I want to give you some pros and cons of being a content creator and then give you some behind the scenes stuff on being a blogger. I want to help my viewers, friends, and family (that's you!) better understand why I do what I do when it comes to social media. 


  • Pursue my passions

  • A creative outlet

  • Sharing my knowledge/recommendations with others

  • Expressing creativity that lives within me

  • A source of income

  • Adventure and opportunity

  • Opportunities to work with companies that fit your brand

  • The ability to utilize my design background


  • Less free time

  • Inconsistent income

  • Growing pains while starting & running a business

  • Always adapting to changes on all social media platforms

  • Negative backlash

  • You wear multiple hats since this is a business. Including not so creative things such as administrative work. (e-mails, phone calls, planning, scouting, taxes, finances etc).

  • Pressure because of how public this social media platform could be. i.e. ensuring our content is a true representation of ourselves and also companies we partner with are also in line with our brand.


Well, friends… blogging isn’t all glamorous! It is still a job filled with growing pains, stress, anxiety and a lot of hard work! Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do and I am not sharing all of this to seem ungrateful, I just want you to get the inside scoop on what kind of challenges we face.

It takes time to plan each post on Instagram and our blog. After the planning stages, we scout and take the photos, edit them, and then spend even more time writing about them. When we are collaborating or working for a company, there is a lot that is involved such as; working with their marketing department to ensure we both are on the same page in regards to vision, feel, and vibe of the pictures, which adds another level of stress to ensure we are holding up our end of the agreement. In regards to getting new clients or companies to collaborate with, we also spend time sending our media kit (kind of like a portfolio/resume but for content creators), updating the media kit, SO MANY emails, planning out photo shoots, locations and so much more.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Behind each photo we post are 100’s of other photos just like it. Ones that may be out of focus, me with my eyes half open, or talking mid-sentence, feet cut off, awkward angles, bad lighting, etc. Yes, you may not be seeing that on my feed, but do know it happens. I did NOT just “wake up like dis”.

I think it is OKAY to have a nicely curated feed. There shouldn’t be any shame in that. For me, as a designer and photographer, I want my work to be cohesive and also best represent who I am as an artist and content creator. It is my creative expression. But the reality is… I am not perfect. Behind all of my photos is a person with real struggles and flaws. In fact, as I am writing this and working on other projects, I am still in my PJ’s, I have not showered or put on makeup (or deodorant). Here is the real, unfiltered me. #IGVSRealMe


I wanted to share this post with you from another blogger, @officiallyquigley that really hit close to home. I feel that she does a beautiful job of creating lovely content but also being real and authentic with her followers. She also started the hashtag #IGVSRealMe to encourage people to not only show their finished work on their IG but also their REAL, unfiltered self. I think this is great!


Blogging and photography have recently become my full-time job (read more on that here). This is crazy! I never imagined doing this as a career. It has been a dream of mine to create content full-time because it is something I am so passionate about.

When it comes to our careers and what we do for a living, we strive to do the best that we can with the talents God has given us. With that said, this is just another reason why I work hard on my social media, especially when it comes to ads and paid work. I work at things with all of my heart.

Since my career path at this moment is more visual and public, it can be so easy for people to make a quick judgment about me based on what I post on social media. This goes to anyone who uses Instagram. But please know, yes, I am not perfect and my life and marriage are not perfect. There are so many things that go in my life that you do not see. 

My challenge for you (and myself)

How can we have compassion for one another and not jealousy, judgment, or create someone's story in our head? On social media, we mostly see glimpses of people. We aren’t getting the whole story. Who you are through your social media is a representation of yourself. I will do the best to be authentic with you as I continue with Delight in the Desert. We want our feed to not only showcase pictures but also allow you to get to know us as a couple.

Thank you friends for listening! This has been on my heart for some time now and it feels great to be able to share with you!

Our church is doing a series on social media, and it has been very eyeopening, convicting and a great listen. If you have some time, you can (and should) listen to those here: Anti Social

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