Southwest Is Best - Monument Valley


When I was planning this trip, I was thinking back to all of the fun road trips I took with my family. We never really flew anywhere because there were 6 of us and lets be real, flying with a family gets expensive FAST. Despite being in a van with my 3 siblings bickering about who gets to sit in the bucket seat andddd feeling exhausted from the long hours crammed in our van (not knowing if we’d find a hotel from dad’s AAA travel book, that hopefully had a pool 😂 smartphones), I am so thankful my dad took us to so many beautiful places. We would stop at EVERY National Park sign and he’d say, “Come ok kids, let’s take a picture by the sign!” I feel like I didn’t appreciate these natural wonders as much as a kid, but as I grow old I realize more and more that I get my travel bug from my dad. I’m always itching to get back on the road with my love.

Dad, thank-you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to so much beauty! I remember when you gave me a gps as my going away gift when I moved to AZ and this map of the U.S. so, I decided to take it with me to Monument Valley. This photo is for you dad and even though we live so far from each other, there are so many dad markers 📍 on this map that remind me of you!


Leo and I recently visited Monument Valley with a friend and I can't even tell you how breathtaking the views were! No matter where you were standing you had views for days. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. They almost felt unreal! If you haven't been, we highly recommend it!

Where to stay: When researching where to stay, we realized there weren't many options. But, the options we found weren't too shabby ;) We went with The Monument Valley View - Premium Cabins. Which were GORGEOUS! Like...can I go back already? I honestly felt like we didn't have enough time there. The private cabins were fully-furnished, had a private porch (that overlooks the valley), a queen size bed, a separate room with twin bunk beds, a full restroom and shower, WiFi, refrigerator and microwave. We love that it was quiet and secluded from the hotel. And waking up to those views made me so giddy!

When to stay: There are some pros and cons to going when we did. Lets start on the Cons so that we can end on a happy note.

Cons: We went at the beginning of March and it was WAYYYY to cold and windy for my liking. I also had a cold that was lingering, so that made it much more unbearable to me.

Pros: IT'S FREAKING MONUMENT VALLEY AND IT IS A BEAUT!!! This isn't the busy season, so it was very quiet when we went! We didn't see too many tourists which made us feel like we had the park to ourselves. My recommendation is to at least go before summer hits if you're not a fan of the cold but also not a fan of swarming tourists. Lastly, IT'S FREAKING MONUMENT VALLEY!! 

Where to eat: Again, slim pickings on options, but we chose to eat breakfast at The View's restaurant. They had a full breakfast buffet (all-you-can-eat) and if you were staying at the View, it was $5 off your meal ($10 total a person). We only stayed there one night (and got in after dinner) so breakfast was the only meal we ate at Monument Valley.

What to do: 1. One of the first things we did was catch the sunrise and drove to the iconic Forrest Gump road. Side note for all of you pop-culture nerds out there, not only was Forrest Gump filmed here but also Lone Ranger, Doctor Who, and Back to the Future III.
2: They have lots of trails that you can drive on that give you other views of the valley. We didn't even get a chance to explore those as much as we had hoped since we didn't have a full day.
3. Take a horseback riding tour! Another thing I want to do the next time we are there! 

4. Sit on your cabin porch and just take in the views with a cup of coffee (maybe for sunset). I can get so wrapped up in trying to document that I forget to just enjoy God's beautiful creation.


The sunrise was so unreal! This was by our cabins


This was on our private patio.


Enjoying our ALL-You-Çan-Eat Buffet...don't judge...we on vacation ;)


We also got LOTS of snap shots of us taken by Karina Sely She is an amazing Elopement/Wedding photographer who traveled with us to Monument Valley! 


Shortly After Leo took these shots, my hat flew off and I lost it forever! Monument Valley is now the owner of my favorite brown hat. :(

Another Image by Karina Sely


Our trip was short and sweet, but we will be back for more soon! I hope the next trip we can also visit Arches.
Comment below if you have any questions about our stay!